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About is a new small business that has evolved from an old concept.Hello, my name is William Garcia, but you can call me Willie.In the late 1980s I started to write poetry and by 1992, I had written about 30 poems. I entertained the idea of having a book of poems published. But after having done some research about book publishing and entering two poetry contests, I had to admit that most of my poems were mediocre at best.However, there was one poem that I believed was good enough. It is entitled “Lady Feminique”. I liked it so much that I came up with the idea of putting it in poster form. I thought that having a poem put in poster form would be more appealing and practical medium. All one had to do was hang it on the wall. It would serve as a source of daily positive inspiration. So, I went to work. I started a publishing company named “Willhe Publishing Inc.” and came up with a name for the concept of marrying art with poetry. I called it “Poartry”.

My creative juices were flowing but my business/selling ability was weak. Looking back, I think it was nothing more than a lack of confidence even though, in the beginning, I sold a few posters of Lady Feminique. Those who bought it liked it very much. The ladies either bought for themselves or for their daughters and even their friends. They would comment that the message in the poem was inspiring to them, that they could relate to the words. Even some guys bought Lady Feminique for the ladies (daughters, mothers, wives, sisters and friends) in their lives. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before I got discouraged and abandoned the whole idea. Selling was really not my strength, at least not arm’s length selling. I was now out of business.By the way, that I abandoned the business idea did not mean that I had abandoned Lady Feminique. No. I kept her in a safe and protected environment since 1992. She is as beautiful, as confident and as respected today as she was back then. She is still indeed, a lady. It was the only poster I had created and I had printed 1,000 copies. To this day I have hundreds left. Today, I refer to the poster Lady Feminique as the ‘classic edition’. There is a contemporary version.

Fast forward to 2011, the entrepreneurial spirit I had in 1992 apparently never left me. I mentally dusted off the old idea of “Poartry”. At the time. I  also had the idea of creating a calendar of quotes. Since the 90s I was inspired to write only one other poem. It is entitled, “NOW”. I  revisited the collection of quotes that I had and looking at them 19 years later, I could see that time and experience had changed my perspective. I could now see that a few of my quotes were rather clever, thoughtful, positive and inspirational. They just need a little polishing. The idea of the posters was revived. However, the first thing I needed to do, and I usually do, is to protect my idea. I did some research at the Library of Congress, Copy Right Office web site only to learn that quotes and sayings were not copyright-able. However, I did not let that stop me. I did some more research and I posed the question to the copyright  lawyers on-line and I got the answer I needed.

Now, I could proceed to inspire others to believe in themselves, their ideas and dreams and to do what it took to realize the life they wish to live. I believed that inspirational quotes and art, in poster form, would be a ready medium through which I could share my ideas about life, love, trust, success, family, death and God. I even came up with a new name for my old concept. I immediately got on-line and did a domain name search. Yes!! It was available; I wanted a name that was inspirational. But, for some reason, this name did not embody the old concept of “Poartry”. So, I parked it in a domain name hosting garage. I still needed to come up with, not only another name, but one that was available. A few names came to mind but I tossed them out the window. Right now, I don’t recall when, but the perfect name came to mind. I rushed on-line, did a search and yes! It was available; Like “Poartry”, ArtTextry is the marriage between art and text (thought) except that now poems and quotes are included. It is all text. Furthermore, best embodies the old concept.

 I narrowed the selection of quotes I had, to a list I call “Preferred Quotes”. As an aside, since 1997 I have been writing a book. It is entitled NOW O’ CLOCK. It was published on May 17, 2012. Yes. It is an inspirational book. It is wherein the stream of positive inspirational quotes that make ArtTextry the true source that it is. By the way, I have since revised the book and now NOW O' CLOCK .. Being Mindful ... it Always is, is now available on Amazon (paperback/Kindle).

I digress,I now had invigorated an old idea, given it a new name and had a place for it. It was time to start an on-line business. This I can do, I thought. It is not arm’s length selling.

First I had to hire an artist but I did not know where to find one.I searched the web for freelance artists but was not convinced that it was a good idea. I preferred to work with someone here locally. I really needed to find an artist and believe me, I searched. I went so far as to write a proposal that I carried with me to local art shows and festivals here in Miami.

In March 2011 an idea just popped in my head. Eureka! It occurred to me to hold an art contest at the Miami Art Institute. Now, why did I not think of this before? Bank robbers rob banks simply because that’s where the money is. I was looking for an artist and where better than at an art school. At art shows there was too much ego involved. Anyway, sometimes our noses block our vision and we do not see what we’re looking for. Then one day we find it where it always was, right under our nose.

I visited the school and tried to make contact with the administrator. The secretary told me that the person I needed to talk to was not there that day. I left my e-mail address and went home. It was two or three days later when I received mail from the school. It was the administrator. She had asked that I call her and I did.  Two days later she e-mailed me and provided me with the name and e-mail of a student. I e-mailed her back and thanked her.

The following day I e-mailed the student and we agreed to meet at a place where I usually break fast in the morning. Yes. I said break fast. Please indulge me for a moment. When we sleep, we naturally fast. When we eat after awakening in the morning, we break the fast we were on while we were asleep. This is one of my pet peeves. When I hear people say, “Let’s go eat breakfast” or “I just ate breakfast,” I have to ask, “What is breakfast ”? Is it a meal of soup, salad, steak, potato and vegetables? Why not? Again, the act of eating after having been asleep the night before is “Breaking fast”, not eating breakfast.

I digress. The student and I ordered coffee and began to talk about what I needed done. I mentioned that I required that a Work-For-Hire agreement be executed. We met again, about two weeks later at the same café, we signed the agreement and ArtTextry made its first baby step. I wanted an image of an hour glass that would be filled, not with sand, but with the text of the poem “NOW”. In 1992 this would be called “Poartry”. Today it is ArtTextry.

I had a business idea and a way to create my inspirational posters. Now, I had to take the steps necessary to legitimize my business. I sought advice and promptly proceeded to get incorporated, get my Employee Identification Number, EIN, and my business license. On October 19, 2011, Inc. was formed. By the way, you don’t need an attorney to do this.

Later, I asked my artist to recommend another artist. He recommended two. I had about 35 preferred quotes and that meant that I would need 35 different and original images created. As you can imagine, I was already years behind schedule with my idea. I had my website built, but did not launch until I had at least 7 posters completed and ready for sale. Of course, new ArtTextry will continue to come on-line as they are produced. Welcome to

Arttextry is the marriage between art and text (Thought); the relation and reflection of one with the other. Our high quality, full color Arttextry posters are produced in a Heildelberg Showcase facility with Heildelberg 5 and 6 speed masters with in-line UV coating and state-of-the-art direct-to-plate systems presses. Hung on a wall in your room, living area or office, Arttextry posters may be proudly displayed as a source of daily inspiration. The artwork, tastefully created by very talented local artists here in Miami, will draw everyon near to be inspired.  

We here at, hope that our unique and original Arttextry posters will inspire you to “Think” to “Be” and to “Do”. believes that you will find an inspirational Arttextry here for you and for someone you care about. 

It is also’s hope that its founding story inspires you to dust off an old idea or imagine a new one and make it a reality. 

Trust God, and as you do your best, be patient and Trust your destiny.

William Garcia

CEO, Inc.