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Lady Feminique Classic



Born and simply called a little baby girl, 

All alive and well.

Across rough seas she will sail in this world,

While under a spell.

And so she journeys through life,

With the dream of being someones' wife.

But on her way and as she grows,

She learns to understand,

That there is much more to life,

Yet, being a woman of the land.

So, sculptured by time and the rough waves of life,

She is finally revealed.

She shines with compassion;

Has an exquisite taste for fashion,

Qualities once concealed.

She is proud. You can tell by the way she walks.

She is confident. You can tell by the way she talks.

She is respected. But then, that is expected,

For she is now a lady, purely feminine in her ways,

She is a Lady Feminique....

And will be for the rest of her days.